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EBSCO Discovery Service


Welcome to the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Support Center. EDS provides users with access to an institution's entire collection via a single, customizable entry point - creating an experience that is comprehensive, fast, and familiar. For more information about EDS or to sign up for a free trial, click here.

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Online Training

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  • EDS: Introduction
    Learn more about the powerful search features of EDS.
  • EDS: Implementation
    Learn more about the EDS implementation process, key points librarians may want to consider during this process as well as a review of ideas from current customers who have had a successful implementation.
  • EDS: Completing the Questionnaires
    This session will focus on the three questionnaires and how the information provided influences the customization of the library’s EDS implementation.
  • EDS: EBSCOadmin
    Learn more about EDS customization options including how to create customized branding, customizing the EBSCOhost toolbar, and adding widgets and search boxes.
  • EDS: New Features
    Learn more about key aspects of the EDS implementation process. Ideas and suggestions are shared, as well as discussion on marketing and promotion tips for launching EDS.
  • EDS: Gathering Statistics
    Learn more about creating statistic usage reports for EDS resources. The administrative tool, EBSCOadmin, has a variety of reporting options.
  • EDS: Maintaining
    Learn more about maintaining EDS and what are the steps in keeping your discovery tool an efficient searching resource.

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