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Getting Started with EBSCO Discovery Service

Your EBSCO Discovery Service implementation entails three key phases, which are described below. Throughout these phases, you’ll receive outstanding support, service, and communication, including a Project Coordinator to assist you each step of the way.

Contact Technical Support for assistance.

Phase 1 - Gather Data

We have received your order and are ready to begin. In Phase 1, we introduce you to EBSCO’s Discovery Solutions team, explain the EDS implementation process, and solicit all necessary data from you in order to begin the set-up process. We clarify any deadlines where we will need data or feedback from you, to ensure an on-time launch of your EBSCO Discovery Service.

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Phase 2: Configure and Customize

With your full data received and evaluated, we now design, implement, and test your solution. Your specific configuration will vary based on the services you’ve selected. Configuration and customization happen in parallel, so while we are setting up your EBSCO Discovery Service solution, we are creating your customized profile – including items such as Branding, Profile Settings, and Search Boxes.

Click here for recommended steps in Phase 2

Phase 3: Review, Approve, and Promote

After we have completed configuring and customizing your solution, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve your EDS set-up. When your specifications are met, we are ready to go live. To ensure a successful product launch, we can also assist you with training, promotion, and further customization.

Click here for recommended steps in Phase 3

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