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This section contains examples of certain scenarios when using the EBSCOhost API to retrieve content in EBSCOhost databases. This page will help you by offering applicable sample scenarios that you can use to configure your own applications.

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Scenario 1

Using Search Tags

Search for "Global Warming", restricting the Authors name to "John"



The initial query is global warming. When adding on search tags and limiters, the AND boolean term must be appended. The "AU" stands for author, and is available in most database. To see a full list of search tags available to a database, use the Info method of the web service. Multiple authors can be included using boolean search terms:


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Scenario 2

Using the Full-Text Limiter

Search for "Smartphones", restricting to full-text only.


The "FT" full-text limiter can be appended to any query, and will cause it to only return results with full-text available. To limit to exclusively PDF or HTML full-text, using the "FM" format limiter:
"P" refers to PDF full-text, and "T" refers to HTML full-text.
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Scenario 3

Using The Date Limiter

Search for "Artifical Intelligence", with results from January of 2007 to present.


The "DT" search limiter specifies which dates to return results from. To search in between two dates, the format of this limiter is as follows:
To search to the present date, simply omit the second date, for example:
To search only an individual year or month, format the query such as:
Note that [Month] and [Day] in all of these cases are optional terms. Year must be a four-digit number (e.g. 2007) and month and day must be a two-digit number (e.g. 05).
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Scenario 4

Using Multiple Tags and Limiters

Search for "Smartphones" using multiple tags and limiters.


To use multiple limiters and search tags, simply append them onto the query using boolean search terms. This query will search for "Smartphones", with Full-text PDF and HTML, written by author John Smith or Sally Brown, from 02/07/2008 to 02/14/2008. It is recommended for good formatting to keep all search tags and limiters in parenthesis.
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Scenario 5

Using Publication Types

Search for "Global Warmming", and include only books.


The publication type PT limiter will limit your results to books only. To limit your results to exclusively articles, use the ZT article limiter.

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