Welcome to the Journal and E-Package Services Support Center

EBSCO introduces a higher standard for journal and subscription management and analysis.

Products include tools for journal and subscription management tools, e-package renewals, integrated analytics, custom links, usage data, and a state-of-the-art knowledge base.

The suite of EBSCO products available for serials and subscriptions customers ensures that you can truly optimize your print, e-journal, and e-package collection and enhance the overall value of your subscription collection.

This site is designed to be a resource to help you find answers to questions about these products as we look forward to introducing you to our journal, e-journal, and e-package services.

To view more than 20 tutorials regarding EBSCONET Subscription Management, including Getting Started, Claiming, Ordering, Renewals, Reports, and more, access the Training & Documentation page by signing into EBSCONET with your log-in values.

E-Journal and E-Package Features