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Datamonitor is now called MarketLine

Please note, as a result of Datamonitor's name change to MarketLine, Company Profiles, SWOT Analyses, Industry Profiles, etc. available in EBSCO's Business Source databases are now branded as MarketLine products.

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What is MarketLine (available via the Company Profiles button in EBSCOhost)?

MarketLine is a business information company covering the automotive, consumer, energy, financial services, healthcare and technology sectors.

MarketLine supplies the information which is accessible via the Company Profiles link in the More dropdown list on the toolbar for all Business Source® Databases.

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How many MarketLine Company Profiles are available on EBSCOhost?

EBSCO offers over 10,000 Company Profiles from MarketLine.

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How many MarketLine Industry Profiles are available on EBSCOhost?

EBSCO offers over 2,400 Industry Profiles that are updated annually.

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How does the MarketLine content available via EBSCOhost differ from that available directly from MarketLine?

EBSCO makes available all of the data that that MarketLine provides to us, per our current agreement. MarketLine does not inform EBSCO in detail on what they include in their own product.

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What criteria does MarketLine use to select the companies that are included in the Company Profiles?

MarketLine assesses the most important global companies, ensuring a balance between the US, European and Asian companies as well as the key vertical markets. The selection process is based on a scoring system that takes into account the factors below. The points for each company are then added together, and then ranked by points score (descending order), then by annual revenues (descending order). This process ensures that MarketLine covers the world’s most important companies as well as those of most interest to investors and key customers.

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Why do my persistent links or catalog links to Company Profile Records (MarketLine reports) return No Results?

Due to changes in the Company Profile records supplied by MarketLine, any persistent links that were presented in 2007 or earlier will no longer work. Please search the MarketLine Company Profiles once again, and retrieve the new persistent link.

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