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Personal Folder

You can store all of the following to your folder: search result items, persistent links to searches, saved searches, search alerts, journal alerts, and web pages.

As you add items to the folder, you can click the Folder link to review items have been added.

Folder View

From the folder you can then print, e-mail or save multiple results at the same time. If you have signed in to your personal account, any items you collect in your folder are automatically saved at the end of the session. If you have not signed in to your personal account and you end your session, or it times out due to inactivity, the folder is automatically cleared.

By default, items in the folder are sorted by article name. You can use the Sort By: Date option to present folder items by date (in descending order).

Note: Your library administrator decides whether the personal account feature is available.

Saving, Printing, and Emailing Items via the Folder

The result list items that you add to your Student Research Center folder can be saved to a file, printed, or e-mailed.

  1. Access your Student Research Center folder.
  2. Locate the items you want to save, print, or e-mail. You can do either of the following:
    • Select one or more items in a Folder List group by clicking the checkbox for each item you want to save, print, or email.
    • Click into the individual record you wish to save, print, or email.
  3. Click Print, E-mail, or Save and follow the prompts to complete the process. By default Student Research Center removes the items from your folder after you print, e-mail, or save them. If you do not want the items removed from your folder, remove the checkmark on the Remove these items from folder after saving/printing/e-mailing option.

Custom Folders

SRC allows you to create custom folders in your personal folder area. You can better manage and access items saved to your personal folder area by organizing items in custom folders according to topic, project, class, etc. Custom folders can contain Student Research Center items (articles, images, search alerts, etc) or custom sub-folders.

You can create as many custom folders as you require. After a folder is created, you can rename or move the folder. If you move a folder, all contents of the folder are moved along with it (items and sub-folders).

For more information about using custom folders in Student Research Center, click here.


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