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Projects identify the general home improvement topics for which Home Improvement Reference Center contains step-by-step documents. All main Home Improvement Reference Center Projects contain several more specific Project Subtopics. When browsing, you click through a hierarchy of Project Topics until you reach an instructional document on the specific topic of your choice. For example, Outdoor -> Decks -> Building a Deck -> Planning and Design.

To browse for Home Improvement Reference Center by category:

  1. Click a Project Topic (for example, Plumbing) in the Browse by Category area of the Home Page.

    Browse by Category Screen

  2. View the list of Home Improvement Reference Center subtopics related to the Project Topic you clicked.

    Plumbing Sub-category Screen

  3. Click a Project Subtopic (for example, Kitchens). Home Improvement Reference Center displays the list of Project Subtopics that exist in the selected Project Topic.

    Project Subtopic Screen

  4. Continue to navigate through the hierarchy of Project Subtopics until you reach the desired topic. 

  5. Click to display the step-by-step instructional document.

    Full-text Article Screenshot



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