Accepting a Shared Folder

When an EBSCO user sends you an e-mail invitation to a folder, he or she wants to share EBSCO search results with you. To access the shared folder, you log into EBSCO and "accept" that folder. You will need the passcode included in the e-mail invitation.

To accept a shared folder:

  1. Sign into My EBSCOhost and click on the Folder icon. 

  2. Scroll down to the Shared by area of the folder, and click the Add link. The Add Shared Folder Screen displays. 

    Add Shared Folder Screen

  3. Copy the passcode included in the e-mail that invited you to share a folder, and paste it right into the Passcode field. 

  4. Click Submit. The shared folder will display in the Shared by area. Shared Folder

  5. In the Shared by area, click on the name of the folder that is being shared (for example, Sustainable Design Project), and the EBSCO search results are displayed.




Sharing Custom Folders

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Topic: Interface Features
Services: EBSCOhost Research Interface, Nursing Reference Center, NoveList Plus, NoveList K-8 Plus, Patient Education Reference Center
Updated: March 2014

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