Biography Reference Center - Basic Search Help Sheet

The Basic Search screen is the default search screen in Biography Reference Center and offers keyword searching as well as the ability to browse all biographies, browse from the biography slider, or browse by Genre.

To create a Basic Search:

  1. From the Basic Search Screen, enter your search terms in the Find field and click Search.

    Basic Search

  2. A Result List of names that match your search is displayed. Click on the name for which you would like to view available biographies. You can also choose to view results by source type under the Narrow Results by column on the left.

    Result List Screen

  3. The biography landing page for the person you have selected is displayed. To view a biography, select from the available Detailed or Concise Biographies or select from Related Articles.

    Biography Landing Page



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Topic: Interface Features, Database Products and Content
Services: Biography Reference Center
Updated: November 2013

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