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A SWOT Analysis provides detailed information about a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT Analysis data indexed in EBSCOhost is provided by MarketLine, a leading provider of online database and analysis services. MarketLine provides unbiased expert analysis and in-depth forecasts for seven industry sectors: Automotive, Consumer Markets, Energy, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Technology, Transport, and Logistics.

To access a SWOT Analysis in a Business Source database:

  1. On the Advanced Search Guided Style Screen, enter the name of a company in the Find field and select CO Company Entity from the Select a Field drop-down menu.

    SWOT Analyses Searching

  2. Select the Full Text limiter in the Limit your results area of the search screen and click Search.

    Full Text Limiter

  3. The result list is displayed. Under Source Types in the left column, click Show More, check the SWOT Analyses box, and click Update.

    Result List

  4. The SWOT analyses available for your desired company are displayed in the result list with the most recent available at the top.

    SWOT Source Type

  5. Click the PDF Full Text link to read a SWOT Analysis.

    SWOT PDF Full Text

For more information about SWOT and MarketLine, please visit

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