NoveList Help Sheet: Finding Series Recommendations

You just finished reading the last title in your favorite series, and now you’d like to read another just like it. NoveList makes it easy to find series recommendations.

You can find series recommendations at the Result List and at the Series Detail page.

Search for your series. 

Beneath each record in the Result List, you’ll see a link to title, author, audiobook (in NoveList Plus), and series read-alikes.

Or access the Series Detail page from the Series tab of your Result List.  Click on any series title link.

In the “Read-alikes” section on the right side, you’ll find up to nine series recommendations.  With your mouse, you can hover over a book jacket image to view information about the series recommendation and why it is being recommended.

You can print all of the series recommendations, along with the reason why they were recommended, by clicking the View All link at the top of the “Read-alikes” section.

The “Search for More” feature at the bottom of the Detail page allows you to find series that share genres, subjects, locations, and appeal factors with your series.

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Topic: Interface Features, Database Products and Content
Services: NoveList, NoveList K-8, NoveList Plus, NoveList K-8 Plus
Updated: October 2015

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