NoveList Help Sheet: Browsing Lists and Articles

Browsing Reading Lists by Topic (Recommended Reads)

NoveList has hand-selected over 800 Recommended Reads lists for readers of all ages.  These lists are organized them by fiction (and nonfiction in NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus), genre or topic, and reading level in the “Recommended Reads” section of the homepage.
  1. On the left side of the homepage, in the Recommended Reads section, select the Fiction or Nonfiction tab to view the appropriate lists.
  2. Select the audience level link at the top of the section.
  3. Select the genre or topic you are interested in.  A pop-up window will display showing all available lists for the selected topic.
All lists are updated regularly with books chosen by librarians who are well-versed in the genre/topic. 

Browsing Other Lists and Articles

Browse our lists and articles from the Quick Links drop-down in the top toolbar.  When you select a link from that drop-down, you will pull up a Result List that can be sort by date, author, or title.

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Updated: October 2015

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