How can I view PDFs in EBSCOhost using Google Chrome?

The Google Chrome browser has a built-in PDF viewer that you will need to disable in order to view content within the EBSCOhost PDF viewer.

To disable the Google Chrome PDF Viewer:

  1. Type about:plugins (or chrome://plugins/ ) into the Google Chrome address bar. 

    A list of Chrome Plug-ins is displayed in the browser.

  2. Scroll down to Chrome PDF Viewer.

  3. Select Disable.

The Adobe Reader plug-in may automatically be enabled if you have it installed.

To Enable the Adobe Reader Plugin:

  1. From the about:plugins page, scroll down to Adobe Reader.

  2. Select Enable.

Note: While many features may work using Google Chrome, EBSCOhost does not officially support the browser at this time. Full support for the Google Chrome browser is planned for Fall 2011. 

For a list of current minimum EBSCOhost browser requirements, please click here.

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