NoveList Help Sheet: Working with Youth

What is the Working with Youth page?

The Working with Youth page is where teachers, children’s librarians, and others who work with kids and teens can find useful curriculum-related resources. You can access this page from the Especially For drop-down in the top toolbar.

Sections of the Working with Youth page


My kids want to read…
Here, you’ll find Recommended Reads lists and Readers’ Advisory articles for those kids that want more “just like” their favorite book. 

My kids have to read for school…
This section is designed for parents, teachers, and anyone who works with youth. Select the appropriate age level from Teens (13-18), Older Kids (9-12), or Younger Kids (0-8). Each age group section contains a variety of resources to supplement or enhance a child’s educational experience. Some of the materials you can expect to find are:

Tell me more about…
From this section click the appropriate icon to view resources:

NoveList Resources
This section is designed for those who are looking for something specific, like Awards, Books-to-movies, resources for Common Core, information about genres, and Lexiles.

Kids & Books Newsletter
This free monthly newsletter is an informative resource for anyone who works with children’s books or the kids who read them. Each themed issue includes tips to help you improve your juvenile collection and keep you up to date with the latest news and trends among younger readers.

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Updated: October 2015

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