NoveList Help Sheet: Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

You can find recommendations for titles, series, authors, and audiobooks (in NoveList Plus) similar to your favorites at the “Read-alikes” section on the right side of any Detail page. Clicking on any record in your Result List will take you to that Detail page. You can hover over the jacket image or magnifying glass icon for a recommendation to view more information, including why it is recommended.

You can also find read-alikes at the Result List. Beneath each record, you’ll see links to a list of Read-alikes (or Listen-alikes for audiobooks). Clicking the link will display a complete list of up to nine recommendations with the reason why they are being recommended.


What if the recommendation isn’t what I was looking for?

Tell us! We know that recommendations are highly subjective; you might not agree with some of our recommendations, or they might just not be what you’re looking for. We encourage our users to send feedback using the “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” icons located at the bottom of the hover for every recommendation and next to each recommendation in the complete list (linked from the Result List). When you click either the Up or Down icon, you will be asked to share why you agree or disagree with this recommendation. This is important to us as we determine how best to incorporate your feedback into NoveList.



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Updated: June 2014

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