History Reference Center - Browse U.S. or World History Help Sheet

History Reference Center allows users to browse topics relating to World History or U.S. History.            

To browse by U.S. or World History:

  1. From the Home screen, click U.S. History or World History.

    Browse Category Screen
  2. From within the selected category, click on a Subject.

    Select Subject Screen
  3. Choose a topic from the displayed list.

    Select Topic Screen
  4. Click the title of an item in the result list to view the article detail page, or click on an HTML or PDF full text link to view the complete article.

    Result List Screen
  1. Click on the title to view the article details screen, or click the full-text link to view the complete article. Hover your cursor over the preview preview icon icon to view article details, or click the folder folder icon icon to save the article to your personal folder.

Note: If you perform a keyword search while viewing a Subject page, History Reference Center searches the entire database—your results are not limited to the Subject selected.


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Topic: Interface Features, Database Products and Content
Services: History Reference Center
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Updated: November 2013

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