Searching for EBSCO Audiobooks

Searching Audiobooks

Note: In order to download Audiobooks and transfer them to a portable device, you must first download the EBSCO Audiobooks Download Manager software. You will be prompted to install the software the first time you download an Audiobook.

The default search screen for EBSCO Audiobooks is basic search. The Audiobook Collection landing page displayed below is available by clicking the Audiobooks link in the top toolbar.

Audiobooks Home Screen

There are several ways to search for EBSCO Audiobooks:

To search for EBSCO Audiobooks:

  1. Enter your search terms in the Find field and click Search.

    Searching Audiobooks

  2. A result list of Audiobooks is displayed.

    Audiobooks Result List

  3. Click the Sample button to hear a preview of the Audiobook.

  4. Click the Download link to download the Audiobook and transfer it to a portable device.

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