How to Create a Search Alert from the Search Screen

Search Alerts save valuable research time, and can be set up to provide automatic e-mail notification whenever new search results become available.

If configured by your administrator, you will be able to create a Search Alert from the search screen.

To create a search alert from the search screen:

  1. Enter a search term for your alert in the Find field and click Create Alert.

    Creating an Alert from the Search Screen

  2. The result list screen will be displayed with the Alert window appearing.

    Create Alerts Window

  3. Click the Sign in link to sign in to your personal My EBSCOhost folder account.

  4. Set your alert parameters.

    Create Alerts Window -Signed in to My EBSCOhost

  5. Click Save Alert to save the alert to your folder.

    Click Cancel Alert to cancel the alert and return to the Result List.

    Click Save Alert and Create Another to save the alert to your folder and return to the search screen.


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Updated: July 2015

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