EBSCOhost Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I log into EBSCOhost Mobile?

Log into the mobile version of EBSCOhost on your device by using the same URL you normally would use. EBSCOhost automatically recognizes that you are a mobile device user and displays the correct version. EBSCOhost Mobile no longer requires a separate profile for mobile devices.


Note: If you are not authenticating through your institution's proxy, an EBSCO user ID and password are required to log into EBSCOhost Mobile from your Smartphone. If you need login credentials, see your institution’s administrator.

Q. What features are available in EBSCOhost Mobile?

EBSCOhost Mobile has the following features available:

Q. Can I email articles using EBSCOhost Mobile?

Yes, as in EBSCOhost, you can email articles from both the article detail and folder screens.

Q. Which databases are compatible with EBSCOhost Mobile?

Only databases compatible with the EBSCOhost interface can be used with EBSCOhost Mobile.

Note: At this time EBSCOhost Mobile does not support EBSCOhost Integrated Search Connectors (i.e. databases from external providers.)

Q. Is javascript required to use EBSCOhost Mobile?

Your device must have javascript enabled in order to use EBSCOhost Mobile.

Note: BlackBerry users can refer to the following link for information on enabling javascript:

Q. Why does the EBSCOhost interface look different when I view it on my Mac or PC?

The EBSCOhost Mobile interface has been optimized for use on a mobile device with a smaller screen. When you log in to EBSCOhost on a Mac, PC or Apple iPad, EBSCOhost recognizes this and displays the full version of the interface.

Q. Does EBSCOhost Mobile usage count against a simultaneous user seat limit in EBSCOhost databases?

Yes. If a user is accessing an EBSCOhost database which has a seat limitation, that usage does count against the limitation.

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