Searchasaurus - Printing and E-mailing Help Sheet

Searchasaurus allows you to print or email articles.


To print an article:
  1. From the article's Citation View or HTML Full Text View, click Print.

    Print article link

  2. Follow the prompts to print the article.

  3. Click Back to return to the article or citation.

To print PDF Full Text:

To print an item in PDF Full Text format, you must use the Adobe Reader Print option. When viewing the PDF document in your browser window, the Adobe Print option (a printer icon) is included on the Adobe Reader toolbar located above the article. Note that if the item includes a citation and/or HTML text, they will print from the browser window.

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To e-mail an article:

  1. From the article, click E-mail. The Set Up E-mail Screen displays.

    Email Article Screen

    Note: If you e-mail a PDF article, it is emailed as an attachment in the e-mail.

  2. Enter the E-mail Address. To send to more than one e-mail address, use a semicolon between each e-mail address (for example,

  3. Click Send and then click Continue on the E-mail Confirmation window. Searchasaurus returns you to your previous view (citation or HTML full text).

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Updated: October 2013

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