EBSCO Integration Toolkit - FAQ

What is the EBSCO Integration Toolkit?

The EBSCO Integration Toolkit (EIT) is a flexible, XML-based web service designed to seamlessly integrate EBSCOhost content into corporate workflow and business applications. EIT enables fast and cost-effective development of applications and customized integration.

What do I need to get started?

We offer both simple and more specific integration services. To get started quickly, we offer easy to use services such as Search Box Builder and URL Builder.

To use our Web Service, you must have an EIT Profile (contact your account manager for more details). Web Service users can download the EIT Web Service DTD file, in Word or DTD formats, to assist with EIT integration.

What Applications are Compatible with EIT?

EBSCO Integration Toolkit is application and platform independent, and is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Web Sphere, Google Search Appliance, etc.