Search Box Builder

Choose your search parameters and customize your search box
size and style to fit your site.

STEP 1 Set Search Parameters

  • Customer ID
  • Group ID
  • Profile ID

Subscribe to EHIS? Add your third-party database.

Add database groups you created in EBSCOadmin.

Choose Discipline(s) to Show and/or Search
Show Discipline Default to Selected
Keywords will be combined with user search box input.

STEP 2 Select Authentication Parameters

OR https://0-{targetURLDomain}{targetURLRemainder}

STEP 3 Choose a Search Box Design

STEP 4 Customize the Layout

  • Want to use your own logo? Paste a URL to the image.
  • pixels
  • pixels
  • Method

STEP 5 Confirm Your Search Box

Test-drive your search box. Try it out here.

STEP 6  Copy Your Search Box Code

Copy code to clipboard. Paste this code in your web page.