Direct URL Builder

Choose the search parameters to build your URL(s).

Please see Using the EBSCO Direct URL Builder Tool for more information about the URL builder.

STEP 1   Set Search Parameters

   Note: To create one URL that includes all databases in the chosen interface,
just leave all unchecked. If no databases are listed for your chosen interface, it indicates that it does not have database-level searching. The URL will be built accordingly.

STEP 2   Select Authentication Parameters

If you do not know your Customer ID or Group ID, please contact Technical Support at or call 1-800-758-5995.

If you are accessing through a proxy:

1). Cut and paste one of the two example URLs below into the text box (include the curly brackets).

2). Replace the green portions with your actual proxy server domain and path values.{targetURL}{targetURLRemainder}

Select any of the following:

Select one of the following:

Click here to deselect radio selection.

* Required field.

** Guest Authentication applies to EDS only and must be configured in EBSCOadmin.

STEP 3   Generate the URL(s)

Click on the link(s) to open the search in a new window or tab.